Veterinary Services

We offer many services at our hospital including examinations, surgery, radiographs, boarding and vaccinations!

Examinations - General Fee $42.00

We offer full service examinations Monday-Saturday (Closed Wednesday) from 10:00AM - 7:00PM. Our doctors will work hard with you and your pet to make your experience at our hospital great! If you are a new client we offer a first time free examination to one pet per household.

Spay & Neuter Surgery

We offer spay and neuter services for cats and dogs at great prices. If you are a current client you can call to get an estimate for your dogs spay or neuter. Prices vary based on weight and age of pet. Additional fees will apply if the female dog or cat is in heat or pregnant during surgery. 

Dental Cleaning

We offer full anesthetic dental cleanings with IV fluids and monitoring during the procedure. Our trained veterinarian and staff will work hard to make sure your pet goes home with pearly whites! Additional charges will apply for extractions. Call today to get more information if you are a current client or to setup your first time exam for a dental consultation!


We have digital x-rays which are interpreted within minutes of having the exposure taken. We can offer STAT radiologist interpretations which will come back in 30 minutes or standard wait time of 3 hours. 

Mass Removals

Our skilled doctors and staff are trained and ready for your pets surgery. From removal of random growths, lumps or mass removals. We also offer cytology testing to test the growth for cysts, cancer and benign masses. Radiographs before surgery may also be taken. 

Dewclaw Removal

We offer dewclaw removal on the front or back legs for dogs. Some dogs have an extra digit on their inner paws that can catch on or hook onto random objects. Not all dogs are affected by this problem and can live happily with their dewclaws.


We know how hard it is as a loving pet owner to make the decision to humanely and safely euthanize your pet. Euthanasia is only for pets who are of old age, suffering from a medical condition or are too aggressive and have shown proof the pet can not be trained with a private trainer. All animals are euthanized by the licensed veteranarian on duty. 


Microchip is an extra step every pet owner can take for finding their lost pet. The microchip only takes a second to put in and can be done awake or under anesthesia (during spay/neuter/dental). In the event your pet gets out or runs away and is found, they can be scanned for a microchip which will lead them with information to call and get back to the owner. 

We only price quote to current clients for special surgeries, mass removals or radiographs. If you have any questions please feel free to call the hospital. We also offer a first time free examination (1 pet per household) if you would like to come in and get an estimate for your procedure.